Monday, June 29, 2009

Short story 3

Yet another story I was inspired to write. The names, events and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance are purely conincidential.

It is a beautiful morning with a lovely sunshine. Children are playing at the park, and Jack is watching them playing, sitting nearby. It is school holiday.
And then there is a child crying at the playground while the others continue playing, ignoring him.
Jack, who is concerned for the child, walked towards him and asked "What is wrong, kid?"
"Those kids made fun of me!" replied the child.
"Oh, don't let that take away your joy, my child." said Jack "They can make fun of you all they want, but you must not let it bother you. Otherwise you will always be upset whenever they make fun of you. Be strong. Come, talk with me. My name is Jack, you can call me Uncle Jack"
The child answered "My name is Tony, Uncle Jack"
And so, the child Tony and Jack became friends from that day onwards.
Every morning, during the school holidays, Tony would always go to the park, the usual place to chat with Jack. Even when school reopens, Tony would have meet and chat with Jack before going to school. Although Jack was an old man, Tony gets along very well with him. Tony's father left him when he was a baby, and Tony's mother had to work long hours to provide adequately for him.
Jack had been like a father to Tony. Their friendship grows day by day.
Years passed. One morning, Tony went to meet Jack at the usual place, but Jack did not come. He waited and waited. Then a young man came, and asked "Are you Tony?"
"Yes" replied Tony. "I am Edmund, Jack's son." replied the young man "I am sorry, Jack won't be here again. You see, he passed away last night. Doctor said it was heart attack."
Tony was saddened by the news. At school, the class teacher notice his sad countenance, went and talk to him. When she learned about what happened, she said to Tony "Don't be sad. Jack is in a better place now. I have known him for many years. He is a good man"
Many years passed, and now Tony is now an old man. He was sitting at the park, watching the children play. And then there was a little girl crying at the playground. Tony walked towards the little girl, and asked "What is wrong, dear?"
The little girl replied "Those kids made fun of me"
"Oh don't let that take away your joy, dear" replied Tony "They can make fun of you, but you must not let it bother you, otherwise you will always be upset whenever they make fun of you. Be strong. Come talk to me. My name is Tony, you can call me Uncle Tony"
The little girl then saw Tony carrying a bouquet of flowers.
"Those flowers, they are beautiful" said the little girl.
"Yes, they are" said Tony. "They are for a good friend. Today is an anniversary of our friendship"
"Where is your friend now?" asked the little girl.
Tony replied "Oh, he is in a better place now. I have known him for many, many years. He is a good man".


  1. Simple but touching. Nice story..^^

  2. A beautiful story of kindness returned... nicely done.

  3. yeah am emotional person so u make me teary eyed my friend...good job why dont u write a story and publish it! your a good writer! keep it up! and goodluck

  4. A nice and touching story. Keep up the good work.