Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cycling on the sidewalk - Irksome mannerism

I was walking the bus stop one day, and finally the bus that I waited for arrived. Then.....Whooshhh!!...a cyclist surge from out of nowhere behind me, almost hitting me, and went on his way! Though I am not harmed, but I got a shock and very agitated about this!
I mean, the cyclist could have been more considerate and not sneaking from behind me like that!!
He should be more careful and not dash through the sidewalk/pavement. It is dangerous. There are no traffic lights on the sidewalk you know? Imagine one cyclist knock down another cyclist on the sidewalk!??
I am quite concerned about this. I have walk on many sidewalks , and faced the same thing, cyclist almost knock on me. I have exercised care to look around for cars, motorcycles when crossing the road, but now, I must also be watchful when I walk at the sidewalk!??
What if the one who is walking is not me, but a child or a pregnant lady?? Will they get a shock too?? Is getting a shock good for them??

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  1. totally agree with u on that..they should be more careful..