Monday, June 8, 2009

Staying hopeful

Well, all of us faced challenges almost daily, not only in workplace, but there are times we to faced challenges at the places where we think we are "safe".
I think it is important to build a foundation within ourselves to face challenges from things we cannot control.

People can say a lot of things, (well people are not perfect!)

Well, let's face it. We all grew up differently. We have different cultural backgrounds.

But whatever culture we grew up with, I believe that there is absolutely no excuse to be harsh to others if they had done you no wrong.

But then, oh well, we cannot prevent what others say to us, but we can control how we feel or how we react to what others say to us.

We can condition our thinking to think that we not as worse as what others say about us. Even if what others say about us is true, we can believe that we can change for the better.

If people called us "stupid", we can think we are not stupid, we are just "in the process of acquiring the required wisdom". We must not give up hope for ourselves, regardless of our age. There will be problems for a person who is without hope. So it is important not to give up hope.

Think positively. Learning is a lifetime process.

If people called us "ugly", we can think we are not ugly, we can think we are beautiful, but our beauty is not being appreciated by some people, perhaps due to different tastes.

Everybody makes mistakes in life. We learn from our mistakes and also from the mistakes we see others make. We learn to live with our mistake. Then we move on in life.
(Show me a person in the world who is alive who never make mistakes.Can you find one?)

We are living beings, capable of changing and adapting to the environment.
Our thoughts can affect us, but we can control our thoughts.
Always be hopeful no matter what people say to us, or how bad the situation is.

Studies shown that a hopeful person is healthier than a person without hope.
So always stay hopeful.

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  1. I agree with this post. On the same note, I think it's also important that people learn to hold back on what they say sometimes. If they can't say anything nice or say it in a nice way, then they shouldn't say anything at all.