Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Selling methods I REALLY dislike................

I remembered particular day walking around so and so shopping centre, where an exhibition is held for so and so product. Because of my curiousity, I went to take a closer look.
Then, one Uncle approached me, and said, "Hey, this is a promotion which will end today. Faster order today. You also can put down a deposit. Today offer end, you know. Tomorrow you pay more. I am not bluffing you..."
I felt a bit uncomfortable about this, partly because of the way he talk, so assertive, partly also because he had a strong cigarette smell around him and also I have to go to the toilet.
"Please, let me consider first....." Before I finish my sentence, he interupted me saying, "But today offer very good you know...."
I said, "OK, let me think about this...."
He interupted again, trying to make me buy their products or pay deposit. And he was standing in my way.
Finally, because I really have to go to the toilet, I said sternly,"Please, I need to go to the toilet, so would you PLEASE let me go?" (I did not shout, just talk in a very stern manner)
He finally let me go, but with a black face, like someone rub charcoal on his face.
Then I rushed to the toilet. What a relief!

Wah! What a way to do selling! I really dislike it. To me, it is no selling at all.
In my opinion, a sale is an exchange of goods for money between 2 parties with a WILLING MIND, not under duress or any type to pressure.

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