Monday, June 1, 2009

Talk is cheap......OR NOT!!!

There is a saying that talk is cheap. Well, I think in some case, talk is NOT CHEAP, but COSTS A LOT!!

There is also a saying that, a problem shared is a problem halved, but in my opinion, this is true only if you share it with the right person/people and at the right time. If you share your problems with a person who have a habit of making fun of people then the problem shared is the problem doubled!!!

Words once spoken cannot be taken back. And especially if the words are not used tactfully and carefully. Even if the intentions are for good, but if wrong choices of words are used, it can have a very bad effect or even be counterproductive.

For example, if a person, who is feeling down, wants to talk it out with someone he/she trusts, but if wrong choices of words are used to console or advice, whether intentionally or not, this can damage the friendship or in some cases, even ended it. Because the person who is feeling down trusted the other for consolation/comfort, he/she will feel disappointed/betrayed if the words used are hurtful. And even if the person who is in the wrong is forgiven, he/she will lose the respect and admiration he/she once enjoyed. And it is very difficult or even impossible to win them back.

Word spoken rashly in anger also can do much damage. People can say things they don't really mean in anger, so it is very important to be careful with words, especially in angry situations.
A person can even say wrong things in happy times, especially while joking with friends.
The words may be meant as a joke, but the words used can hurt others unintentionally.
The impression of the person in others can be changed merely by the words spoken.

Some people have baggages in their lives, and if the words spoken (unintentionally) that touched those areas of hurt, then the words can be offensive.

So, think before speaking. It is better to remain silent than to say the wrong words and then try to take it back.

Well, talk is not cheap! It can be very expensive, that even money cannot resolve it!
It can ruin friendship, destroy relationships, destroy reputation and many other things!

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