Monday, June 15, 2009

A short story 2

Another story I was inspired to write. The names, events and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance are purely conincidential

John had always been busy. His job wasn't easy. He had to meet the demands of his employers and customers. His work also is very competitive. Many of his colleagues wanted the position he was in.

Nowadays, things are very demanding. His company was looking for ways to cut costs, and one of the ways is of course, retrenchment. So, John has to work very hard, to keep his job and his position in the company, to keep himself from being retrenched. Moreover, his colleagues always look for ways to find fault with him, to "dethrone" him from him position.
So, John had to work hard, working very long hours every day to keep his "rice bowl".

John lived with aged father. He seldom had time for his father. Yet when John was just a child, his father gave him undivied attention. His father loved and cherished him.
Well, the economic structure at that time is different. His father was just a simple clerk, but manage to provide for his needs. Not much long hours then. Life was much simple then too. John's family lived in a "kampong" area.

Well, things are different now. John always have to work long hours, thinking of provided for his father, but gave him no attention. Even when he was at home, he brought back home his work, and worked until crazy hours at night, never even said a word to his father. Everytime his father wants to talk to him, he would say "Sorry, daddy, I have to work to meet the tight deadlines,to keep the job."

Then one day, his father wanted to say something to him."Daddy, it will have to wait. I have got work to do. Deadlines to meet. I've got a presentation to make, so I have to be well prepared."
His father said "But son...." John said sternly "I said not now. CAN YOU SEE I AM BUSY??"
His father then walked away. But John caught a glimpse of his father's eyes. He saw the hurt in his father's eyes. But he got no time to think of that now. He has got work to do. Deadline to meet. Presentation to be prepared. Keep his job. Lots of things.

Months passed. John is still very busy. Deadlines to meet. Lots of work to do. No time for his father. Rice bowl to protect. Finally John was promoted to a manager of his company. John, being very happy, and wanted to tell his father about it.
He drove home, but he could not find his father. Then, in his found a piece of paper on his desk. It was a note from his father. It written months ago, the night when he talked sternly with his father. The note says that the doctor gave his father few more months to live. Then his handphone rang. It was one of his siblings. "John, you better come now to the hospital. I drove him to the hospital hours ago. I tried to contact you earlier..." John blurted..."But I was in a meeting..."
"No more excuses" said his sibling. "If you want to see father, come now, or you won't have another chance!"
John rushed to the hospital. When he reached the hospital, he saw his father lying on the hospital bed, motionless, lifeless. "Father, father, wake up. I have been promoted! Please wake up! You must see this.I have worked so hard for this!"
"Too late" said his sibling, as tears flow from his eyes. "He cannot hear you now"
Then as John was weeping, thoughts came to him. He could have spend time with his father went he had a chance.Just a small conversation is enough to show he cared. Just a little time, before work, just a little time before he started the work he had brought home,just a little time when he got home. Just a simple warm smile. Just a simple "hi", "good morning","how are you". All these will mean something to his father.
But now, he has lost the chance.

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