Friday, June 26, 2009

Time to re-examine yourselves during these tough times

These are challenging times
Companies are restructuring
People are being retrenched
Jobs are hard to get
Worse of all, a new threat just came
In the form of H1N1
Which is a worldwide threat

It is precisely at this time
You need to take a deep look a yourself
If or when problems arises
There is no point in blaming others for the problems that occured
Yes, others may contribute to the problem
But we cannot change others
We can change ourselves

We can change for the better
We can find out how we ourselves contribute to the problem
And change ourselves
It is time look at ways to improve ourselves
To prevent us from contribute to the problem again
We can learn from our experiences

Do not bear grudges, or give in to anger
For a heart full of love
Is better than
A heart full of hatred
For a heart full of love
Is much more happier than
A heart full of hatred

No one can take your joy away
Unless you allowed them to do so
But why must you allow your joy to be taken away
What was it that is worth to have your joy exchanged ?
You can be joyful even in the midst of trials
If you wanted to

There is also no point to have anxiety in your hearts
For anxiety never benefit us
Instead anxiety is harmful
Instead we must strengthen ourselves during this time
Both mentally
And physically

Instead of worrying over things
Instead of fretting over things
Find ways to improve things
Find ways to strengthen ourselves
We can use our experiences to better ourselves

Sure, there are things we cannot change
Things happened that affected us
Yes, it was not our fault that things happened to us,
But it certainly our responsibility to restore and heal ourselves
It is time to adapt
And become stronger

It is also our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy
To strengthen our immunity
We must never give up hope
For hope never disappoints
So do not let anyone take our hope away


  1. Your thoughts are very inspiring. Good writing!

  2. Poetically speaking, some stanzas are definitely better than others. But I like how you have encapsulated a lot of what's going on into one poem.