Thursday, June 4, 2009

Recipe for Love


A lot of Patience
Plenty of Kindness
The whole Truth
Plenty of Endurance
Plenty of Perseverance
Always Hopeful
A lot of Trust (in the best)
A reasonable amount of Strength

Mix the above ingredients evenly in a blender.
Sprinkle a reasonable amount of Protection in the mixture.

Take a good amount of Flesh, and remove any Envy, Boastfulness, Pride, Rudeness, Self-seeking, Anger, Malice, Bitterness, Lying and Evil desires from the Flesh.
Clean the flesh thoroughly, and marinate the above mixture on the Flesh, until the mixture is fully absorbed into the Flesh.

Put the above into the oven and slowly adjust the heat level into Warmth, until the Fragrant of Life permeates the whole area. Then it is ready to be served, and is best served Warm.

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