Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reading comics as a hobby and the challenges

I love reading comics at a young age.
I use to admire the superheroes of the comics.
Now I am happy that some of my favourite superheroes are shown at cinemas!
I especially love some of the artworks of some of my favourite superheroes.
But reading comics can also have some challenges as well.
There are times when, the story and art was so good that the comic became a collector's item, and was so quickly out of stock.
One time, I was following a story of a particular superhero because the story and artwork is really fantastic. When the next shipment came, I rushed to the comic shop to buy the comic. And I worked at a very "ulu" place, so my journey to the shop takes about an hour or so. (Also because of traffic too), When I reached the shop, and I asked for the comic, the shopkeeper told me it was out of stock. He also said some people buy 3 to 4 of the same issue of the comic at one time.
Then, I went to another shop. Same thing happen. Out of stock.
I travelled all the way, endured the traffic jam, just to find out that the comic is out of stock. How frustrating, especially when the story is getting exciting!
Then, another challenge is that there are always delays in shipment of the comic.
I waited and waited and waited, and this is what I get, delayed shipment!
So for those comics I missed, I will have to wait for tradepaper backs(again have to wait) or buy the reordered back issues(if there is any left).
So, in reading comics, one also must have patient!
Then, another thing in reading comics is the change in artists and writers.
There is one time, I enjoyed reading one comic title, because of the great story and art. Later, the writer left. The new writer is not as good, but at least I enjoyed the great artwork. But then the artist also left. And the new artist is also not as good. He drew my superhero in a way that makes him look very "cartoon", and the superhero's girlfriend(who use to be very beautiful when the previous artist drew her) looked like "lau auntie"(old auntie). I think even my 7 year old niece can draw better than him!I then stopped buying the comic for some time, but later start collecting again because a better artist and writer took over. I enjoyed the comic for some time but then,one thing I don't like about the writer and the artist's style is that they love to drag the story into many episodes, when 1 or 2 episode is sufficient. And, one more thing I do not like about the writer, is that he likes to make the evil characters of the comic prospers. That evil character did so many bad things, and in the end he won, and the poor hero suffers, and then the whole story was dragged into many episodes! Then some of the episodes of the comics was sold out, some, have to wait because of delayed shipment, and I have to travel a long way from my workplace to the comic shops just to catch up with the story to see what happenned to the good guy, and up to now, the bad guy is still a winner!
Wah, so troublesome!
Well, as in everything, reading comics has challenges as well!Have to be patient!


  1. My dad is a big comic book fan. He has a huge collection of Spider Man that he has picked up over the years - ever since he was a little kid. It's not something I'm particularly interested in other than it makes my daddy happy :-)

  2. Glad your dad likes Spider Man. I like Spider Man too. My like the artwork too.