Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A short story 1

This is a story I was inspired to write. The names, events and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance are purely conincidential.

James have always been patient. His friends, acquaintances and colleagues have complained and makes unkind remarks about his mother whenever they meet her. They complained about the way she talks, walks and all her gestures and mannersims. Some say she is crazy. Some say she is mad. Some say she is stupid. But his response is always the same. He would say "I have only one mother, and she is the one. I cannot change who my mother is. I will take care of her all my life, because she had taken care of me from childhood till now. I still loved her and will always will.

Brian who have been his best friend visited him one day, and because he noticed this thing for some time, asked him about this matter.

"She put up with me a lot of times when I was young. We were poor at that time" James said.
"When I fought will my classmates at school, my teachers caned me and complained to my mother, she put up with me. Though she chastened me, she was not ashamed of me or disowned me. When my grades were not good, she put up with me, though my father chastened me.
When there are not enough food on the table, she goes hungry and gave me her portion of food.
She suffered a great deal raising me up when my father passed away. "

"There was one fateful night" he continued, as tears flow from his eyes.
"It was a cold, very cold night. Our blankets have worn out, we've got no money to buy new ones. My mother covered herself around me to warm me, and with the last bit of blanket left she used it to cover me. The next morning, my mother was ill. She had a fever, a very high fever. We have no money to get medicine or see a doctor. Finally a kind neighbour brought my mother to the hospital. But then it was a bit too late. The fever was so severe that it damaged her brains.
That is why she behaves kind of weird and people always criticize her."
James continued "I got help from one of my cousins later on for my education and finally got a scholarship. I landed in a good job. I regret that my mother did not see all these in her right mind. But no matter what, I will take care of her. No matter how repulsive her behaviour or how embarassed she made me, I will still love her because she is my mother, and she took care of me when I am young. I will continue to get good doctors for her for her recovery"

Brians now understands the situation. "Ok" says Brian. "If you need any help, I will gladly provide it"

"Thanks" says James.

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