Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ode to fathers (and mothers too)

Remember our fathers
With love and respect
For us, they have worked hard
To provide for us
When we were still young

If not because of our fathers
We would not be in this world
Whatever our fathers had done to us
Whether pleasant
Or unpleasant
Remember, they have our interest at heart
For they cared for us

For those fathers who have been abusive to us
Or had abandoned us
It is time to forgive
And to restore relationship
For to restore is better than to retaliate
Restoration is an act of love
Retaliation is an act of hatred

We have but one father
We cannot change our fathers
But we can change ourselves
We can undo the damages that they had done to us
We can prove that we are better
By forgiving and restoring
For by forgiving and restoring
we can redeem the situations in which we suffered at their hands

So remember our fathers (and mothers too)
Who have worked hard for us
Show appreciation to them
With a simple act of love
With simple hugs
With simple words
With good meals, gifts and
Whatever that will lift them up
To show that you care
And appreciate them


  1. I'm the first here brother! Thanks for this post :) Great

  2. No matter how strict our parents sometimes we should always respect them. If you think they are being unfair perhaps there's a reason behind. We should always remember parents are parents, no matter what.

  3. Parents can have it rough, and many times they just don't have the parenting skills to do what's right. Once we grow up we have to learn the mistakes of our parents and do our best not to reproduce them.

    My blog offers some tips and counsel for fathers to do right by their children in order to break the cycle and make productive children who become successful in society.

    That said, I applaud this post. It's a strong stance in favor of fathers. That, my friend, is what I am all about!