Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be careful when buy some things hor....

Sometima ago, I bought one box of DVD, from a shop. I paid for it with my credicard. When I went out of the shop, the alarm goes "BEEP-BEEP" very loud hor.
I got a shock, then felt very geram, and ask the shopkeeper what happen.
I said" Hey, i paid for this what, why still got alarm. You want to see the receipt or not."
He said"No, sorry,lah! This product is from so and so country, got a device inside, the alarm goes beep. I will take out the thing." Then he open up the DVD box and take the device out.
Wah, I tell you, next time when buy thing, hor, please ask the shopkeeper or cashier to take out whatever that can cause the alarm make noise. Otherwise, very malu you know! This is also an art of irksome mannerism - forgot to take out a device that will cause people who buy it malu.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Art......Anything can be art

Yes, anything can be art...not just paintings.
Poems can be, music, guitar playing, you name it.
If you can express yourself in any form(music, poems etc), that can be a good form of art!