Monday, June 1, 2009

Why I slept very little some nights

Nowadays, well the weather is so warm, that even at night, we all still felt it.
Well, that's mother nature, and nobody can do anything to change that!
But humans also can contribute to that too.
Well, one night, I remembered that I have to be up early
the next morning, so I went to bed early at night at about 9pm.
But then, there are some events happening downstairs my block, and it was so noisy.
The music was so loud and not soothing. Everyone downstairs were like shouting, and having a good time while I struggled to get some sleep! That went on until almost 11pm.
Finally, when it was over, I thought, wah now at least I can sleep now. But then I can't get to sleep, probably due to the frustration felt earlier about the noise downstairs.
Just as I was about to close my eyes, then "Vroommmmmm!!! A group of motorcycles dashed though the streets, as if there was a race going on. This lasted for some time.
I thought, hey, why is the sound of the engines so loud! Did they modify the engines or what?
Why are they, at this hour of the night, making so much noise, having a good time at the expense of others!
After the motorcycles have gone, another source of noise came and this time from sports-cars!
These sports cars dashed through the street, and the sound of the engines of the cars was so loud, I think they disturbed the whole neighbourhood! Sometimes they came also during the daytime! I began to have concerns about the safety of the kids crossing the road when I think of these motorists!! They had fun at the expense of others and also at the risk of others' lives!! Another type of IRKSOME MANNERISM!!
Later, the a sound of a BIIGG motorcycle engine at the carpark under my block, making so much loud noise like "Brp! Brp! Brp!". The bike went round and round the carpark, for a long time, blaring away.
Wah, tough time sleeping! I looked at my alarm clock, and man, it was already late in the night, and I've got only very little time left to sleep!
I managed to catch some sleep, but didn't felt enough!
The next morning, I had a desire to drink 2 cups of kopi gau!

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