Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My childhood pleasant memories 1

A poem that I was inspired to write.
This poem is about the expression of someone who used to live in rural area as a child, but later as he grew, he saw that the place that he lived went through a lot of changes, and his coping with the changes. The events and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance are purely conincidential.

I remembered the time
When I was, but a child
Breakfast cost no more than a dime
The days when life was simple
The pace was slower
And a lot less chaotic

Those are the days
When the morning comes,
The sun gives it's smile
The birds sang so sweetly
The rooster crowed
The cool morning breeze
Makes starting a day pleasant

Walking through the meadow
Walking on the soft green grass
To school or to work
Hearing the birds singing
Feeling the cool morning breeze
And watching the beautiful lilies in the field
Will always make one walking
With ease and with a smile

Even in the evening
As the day came to an end
And the night began to fall
The sight of the sunset
Was so awesomely beautiful
And the beauty of it
Always makes one praises its Creator

But as time passed
Changes came on every side
Some new things came
Some old things gone
Changes are inevitable
Some changes are even necessary

The pleasant sound of birds singing
And the sound of rooster crowing
Are replaced by sound of automobiles and alarm clocks
The soft green grass are replaced
By the cold hard pavement
The sight of the lilies of the field
Are replaced by the sight of cold hard concrete buildings

One who used to walk with ease
And with a smile
On the soft green grass
Now have to look over his shoulders
While walking on the cold hard pavement
For any cyclist coming his way
In order to avoid being hit by them unintentionally
One who used to walk with ease
And with a smile
Now have to look over his shoulders
For any motorcycles and sports cars coming his way
In order to avoid being hit by them unintentionally

But in spite of these changes
Not everything have changed
Not everything have gone
If one but notice
That on the playground
Children are still playing happily
We can still notice their joy
And hear their laughter as they were playing
For they hardly notice the changes

We can all adapt to changes
Because in this world changes are inevitable
We can make do with things that we don't have
We can rejoice in things that we have
We can be thankful for each day that comes
For no one can take away our joy
Unless we allow them to

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  1. How true. Very nice reading but would be better if shorter :). /QINGMOMENTS-DS