Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Goodness of Love

Another poem I was inspired to write.

To love is better than to hate
To cherish than to disdain
The person who loves thinks the best of others
He will not covet what others have
He will think on how he would bless others

Throughout the centuries if all kings walk in love
They would not have conquered other lands
They would have worked along with other kings
On how to be a blessing to each country
For the good of both sides

Throughout the centuries if all kings
Or the all the leaders of each countries
Have love in their hearts
They would all shared their resources together
To help those who are in need

Oh how we would be spared of world wars
Oh how we would be spared of tragedies
Oh how we would be spared of fear
Oh how we would be spared of lack
Oh how we would love each other!

A person with a heart full of love
Is happier than a person whose heart full of hatred
For a heart full of love (which is happier)
Is healthier than a heart full of hatred
Healthy heart begets healthy body
Healthy bodies begets strong immunity system
Against disease like H1N1!

Love does not keep records
Of the wrong that is done
A person who loves forgives easily
For to forgive frees us from carrying a burden
That does not belong to us
To forgive frees us to have joy in our hearts
For why would we let anyone take away our joy
By holding grudges and bitterness in our hearts?

The world needs love
Everyone needs to love
Love is a powerful force
To love all people
To love all nations
And love starts with us!


  1.'s nice to see love being inspired first thing on a Saturday!

  2. That was inspired and inspiring too... I never understood the need for war or bitterness... seems anti-love to me.

  3. thanks for dropping by my blog. beautiful and inspiring post you got here :D

  4. Warm thoughts and a warm heart. Congratulations!

  5. Nice... you should read the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne...she has an inspiring chapter on Love :)

  6. "All you need is love" -The Beatles

  7. "All you need is love" -The Beatles