Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There is no need to be gloomy during these tough times

When times are bad
When nobody ever care
On whatever had happened in the world
That is when you must give yourself a pat
On the back
For being able to see yourself through
The difficult times

Though life seems moody
You don't have to be gloomy
Just sing a tune in your heart
Because there is no wrong for being happy
Nor any credit given for being gloomy

Let not your happiness be affected
By things you cannot control
For whether you are happy or sad
Things just happens anyway
And when you are always happy
You will suffer less
Than if you are always
Sad and worried

So let no one take away your joy
For a happy person is a healthy person
And a healthy person is more effective
In anything that he does.


  1. Sometimes we worry too much and forget about all the good things in our lives. Let's smile and be happy. Happiness is contagious :)

  2. Hi there...visited ur blog makes me fell good

  3. Lovely little prose there.

    Thanks for the visit to Kamila the Camels's blog, she sends her love! :)

  4. Precisely! That is how we need to approach life!

  5. So true. Whether you're happy or sad life happens anyway. I choose happy.

  6. Excellent post. Must ready for everyone. very motivating and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  7. Wow this is very inspirational! Thanks for sharing this!