Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Father's Love

A poem that depicts the love of a father towards his two sons

When you were just a baby
I held you in my arms
I cherish you in every way
No matter what others think of you

While you were learning to walk
I was there by your side
Watching your every step
Ready to catch you if you fall

When you are grown
And strong
You turned against me
You want to live you own way

You demanded your inheritance from me
Before the time
You wanted to live your own way
You felt you don't need me anymore

I gave you what you wanted
You took it and left
Without saying a proper goodbye

I could have sent you on your way
With my blessings
With a farewell feast
Because I loved you

Since you have gone
My heart longed for you
I longed for the day you come back
I longed to welcome you back with open arms

Morning after morning
Evening after evening
I waited to see if you come back
Waited for the slightest sight of you

Finally the day cameI saw you running towards me
You looked haggard
You were in rags

You said you wanted to be my servant
Instead of my son
But how could I give up my love for you?
How could I stop loving you?

I welcomed you back with open arms
As if you were back from the dead
For you are always my son
Flesh of my flesh
Bone of my bone

I restored to you what you have lost
I gave you new clothes
New sandals
So that you will not be ashamed

I forgave you all that you have done
None of them I will remember
I only know you are my beloved son
And you will always be

But your brother does not forgive you
He is ever envious toward you
He thinks I love you more than him
And he worked so hard for me

Oh, that both of you should know
That I love you both
More that I loved myself

If your brother would just ask me anything
I would have given it
I would not hold anything back

I will always love you both
The love I have for you
Can never be earned by works
This love that I have is unconditional

If I am to give my life in exchange for you
I would have given it
Without a slightest hesitation
Without any regret


  1. sound like the prodigal son from the bible? did you compose this?:)

    nice. i make poems too:) few were posted in my deviatart acount.

    :) thanks for your blagcatalog message. im glad you dropped by my blog:) i am just coming back bloggin seriously after months of silence:)


  2. beautiful. your heart shines through. Sarah

  3. beautiful! what a coincidence that my latest post is about a father.

  4. its beautiful

    thanks you so much

  5. I just love it! I often read poems but mostly they relate mother in them but your's is different. Nice one!!

  6. Very nice. I see the prodical son in this :)

  7. This is beautiful! I love it!!