Thursday, November 25, 2010

How's life

How’s life? This question had been asked many times. If people ask me, well, I would say OK, lah, or so-so lah. But what I dun understand is that why some people like to be negative? For example, when I asked them how’s life, they will say “No good” or some other negative things. Why want to confess negative? You mean you really want life to be no good? Hey, enjoy life, even if sometimes life is a …….you know what.
Easier said than done though.
Especially, hor, when you have some unpleasant experience.
Me, there is one time, in a food court. I dun know, every-time I went to food court, I often get put off by some people, especially those inconsiderate ones. One day, I go to food court and buy food. No place to sit, ah! So many people!! Some already finished eating, and they sit down and talk Charlie and sing song. Some laugh so loud that the whole building can hear them. Hey, when finish eating , get off and let others sit! Be considerate. I could not find a place to sit, so I stand up and eat!! Lucky I did not buy mee-soup of laksa! Else, hor, will be difficult to eat. Some people bring their kids to food court, and let them run around like monkey! Hey be careful! Else, knock on people and if they carry hot soup, then it will be terrible!
Then, hor, I find that some people like to frown at others. One day while waiting for the bus, I look around to see whether the bus I am waiting for arrived or not. I turned and I happened to look at the direction where a ger is standing. You know what? She frowned at me? For what? I dun know, lah! I didn’t even know her. She think I want to look at her, as if she so pretty?! C’mon, even her mother and father looks better that her!
If dun know me, just treat me like invisible man, lah! No need to frown, as if I owe her or her mother or father money!

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